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In this excerpt from Love Has Wings, by Isha Judd, we are reminded about the importance of loving ourselves before we can truly be a “whole” person, and a “whole” partner to someone else…

“In our quest for wholeness, we often try to make up for our internal emptiness by seeking completion in another. Many of us have taken this to an extreme, believing that fulfillment is only possible in the arms of a soul mate.”

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Check this out!!!!

This is too cool!!! Download an app on your phone like I-nigma and then take a photo of this QR code…This is the latest and greatest in technology!!!!

Why 2011 May Be the End of the Housing Crash

The WSJ says there might finally be some good news this year ….

How Green is the New iPad 2?

It’s thinner, lighter, …..

Guidelines for Eating Sustainable Seafood

Another good article about selecting sustainable seafood …

Artist Builds Incredible Coral Reef from Sunken Statues

This is somewhat haunting but beautiful!

Hot Design Trends Debut at International Builders Show

Smaller spaces, energy efficiency, earth tones and outdoor entertainment are all the buzz as the latest design trends debut at trade show.