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Musically Unchallenged

This is beautiful music by a friend of mine, Lisa Hindmarsh. Her voice is amazing!

Happy Monday!


Chocolate or a smile???

Check out the TED talk that Ron Gutman shares on his study of “The Hidden Power of Smiling”… It works! And what a better planet to hang out on if we all did this more times during our day!!!

America’s Top most Beautiful People…Charleston’s #1. Seriously?

Where Do America’s Most Attractive People Live? Charleston, SC ???? Check out this article and we even beat out NYC and LA…:)

Check this out!!!!

This is too cool!!! Download an app on your phone like I-nigma and then take a photo of this QR code…This is the latest and greatest in technology!!!!

Jonathan Fields Blog…

Someone recently introduced me to Jonathan’s blog and I just love his approach to his personal and professional life…This is his most recent post and I thought maybe you might enjoy reading it…

“If Buddha Was CEO: The Four Immeasurables in Business”

30 Seconds = $3 Million

In case you missed the Super Bowl last night or just want to see some of the most-talked about ads again …..

“Free Money Stocks” and Warren Buffett

Could this be a good investment? Warren Buffett seems to have done fairly well… See what you think in this article from Ryan Furhmann in his article about insurance investing…