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Hot Design Trends Debut at International Builders Show

Smaller spaces, energy efficiency, earth tones and outdoor entertainment are all the buzz as the latest design trends debut at trade show.


Finding New Homes for Pets in Foreclosure


A number of abandoned animals are being left behind in foreclosed properties, but a new program sets out to rescue these pets …..

New Salvador Dali Museum in St. Pete, FL

Having been to the previous Dali museum which architecturally was non-descript …. this new museum appears as spectacular as the collection itself!

Walmart Advocates for Sustainable Food Banks

Chalk this up to things we never thought we would see ….. in this Fast Company article

Interior Design Colors for 2011

See what paint manufacturers are predicting as the hot colors for 2011 ….

Green Design Predictions for 2011

The movers and shakers in the green design space share their 2011 forecasts for sustainable design, architecture and the natural and social environment.