“Free Money Stocks” and Warren Buffett

Could this be a good investment? Warren Buffett seems to have done fairly well… See what you think in this article from Ryan Furhmann in his article about insurance investing…




One response to this post.

  1. my initial reaction to the proposition went something like this..’nooooooooo, not again, not already!’ i still feel a little shell-shocked from the recent downfall of multiple enormous corporations, a downfall attributable,at least in part, to questionable investors and questionable investments. the nebulous nature of these investments creates a feeling of insecurity while trust has been rattled by the hegemons of finance. and those are just feelings. the facts are that millions of people’s bank accounts have been obliterated and lives changed because of investments hedged on potentials.
    i’m not into it. my philosophy is more aligned with investing on a smaller, more localized scale – lower financial risk and lower financial return, greater community benefit and greater community connection.


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