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Nantucket Wind Energy

This is a great article about the first step for such a positive move in alternate energy sources… For more info, check out The Epoch Times link below. Here’s a brief blurb…

“Nantucket Sound will be the home of the nation’s first offshore wind farm, “Cape Wind.” The wind farm will be located in the New Bedford Marine Commerce Terminal, a multipurpose terminal, which will also house shipping and commercial activities.”

“In the first half of the 19th century, New Bedford produced the advanced fuel of the age—whale oil—and became known as ‘the city that lit the world,’” said Gov. Patrick in a press release. “Now, with this new terminal, and this first-in-the-nation project, New Bedford will once again begin to light the world, but this time with the clean, renewable energy resource of the 21st century—offshore wind.”


David Orr

This is from the San Francisco Chronicle… David is an amazing educator and champion of the environmental movement, and we had a chance to host him in Charleston!  Check it out…
“Renowned Environmental Educator Dr. David Orr to Speak at Northeast’s Leading Sustainable Building and Clean Energy Conference” 

Read more:


Great recipe for the fall!!!

Nantucket job opportunities

An article in the Inquirer and Mirror talks about the new Dreamland Theatre…

“Stateside is also working closely with The Dreamland Foundation, the nonprofit owner of the property, to organize and host a Dreamland Job Fair, extending employment opportunities to island residents of all trades throughout the anticipated 15-month duration of the construction project.”

New Way to Help Chickens Cross to Other Side

This is an article  from The New York Times on the process of “transitioning” chickens from life to, the dinner plate…I think it’s a good thing but it’s also funny…Good for you, Mary’s Chickens and Bell and Evans!!!

Interior design trends to hate: Save yourself from shag & ‘artful’ nude pics of yourself…

Caroline Gallay of CultureMap Houston has some funny thoughts about trends…. And I agree!!!